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Feb 21. 2012
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Feb 21. 2012
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Technology and Creativity are the driving force when it comes to Engineering solutions from Team Harmony.
Harmony works on  4Es – Energy ,  Environment,  Ergonomics and  Efficiency.
Our designers use Lean philosophy to Design for Lean – Design for  No/Minimum waste in manufacturing, Ensuring a flow of product and services and establishing a visual work place  where any abnormality is immediately visible, noticed and corrected.


We work as a Turn Key service provider constantly striving towards a total concept.
Every project is a customized solution for specific customer/product needs –our team of designers carefully work in close coordination with our clients to map the need, products etc. and strive to work around the best fit to satisfy the specific needs.
At every stage of concept development our team validates our vision with the client vision to ensure perfect synchronization of the thought process.
Our designers develop the concept engineering vision into Technological alternatives and solutions.
Our philosophy is Design for Lean.
We ensure most efficient material and information flow from Raw Material receipt to Finished Goods dispatch – truly on the principals of Lean Manufacturing.
We design on 4Es Philosophy – Energy , Environment , Ergonomics and Efficiency.
Our projects are equipped with Energy Management system, the whole electrical system is designed for highest electrical efficiency and monitored continuously with Energy Management system.
We execute our projects with a careful eye on the Environment management – economical and efficient design and selection of Pollution control measures and carefully planned waste management system.
Concern and respect for Human efforts is our key consideration in the design –work place design ,maintenance approach ,storage ,retrieval and internal material movement –all aspects are ergonomically designed for operators comfort.
Our projects can be truly labeled as Lean, Clean and Green foundries set up for next generation of foundries.